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How I healed my Symptoms from

Sibo & Candida


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In 2016 some bad pizza gave me a nasty food poisoning and left me with a bad case of IBS, SIBO and Candida. Years of pain, grief and failed antibiotic treatments and tests, lead me to create my own antimicrobial herbal protocol that finally got me the relief I was longing for! I am finally back to normal life with healthy digestion. My sincere hope is that IBS readers will find the information and resources useful and use it as a base and to treat themselves from this horrible condition created by SIBO and Candida. 

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IBS FROM sibo & candida

There is a Solution! 


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you have bloating or discomfort concentrated in the area right above your belly-button, (small intestine) particularly right after a meal or at night when you lie down?
  • ​Do you spend a long time in the bathroom with ?​chronic constipationdiarrhea or/and oily stools
  • ​Do you have uneasy sleep, bloating when you lie down at night or insomnia?
  • ​Have you experienced skin conditions such as redness or eczema?
  • ​Do the above symptoms cause additional dizziness/nausea? This can also lead to mood disorders., headaches, low energy or chronic fatigue or weakness
  • Have you ever have food-poising & did your symptoms start relatively a short time after that incident? 
  • ​Have you tried prescribed antibiotics for SIBO and got a relapse of symptoms? ( I did twice!)
  • And when it comes down to it, do you wish you could find a long-term solution for your IBS?



George K.

An innocent trip to my favorite pizza place changed my life forever. In 2016 my wife and I contracted food-poisoning... and it was a really bad one. Thankfully my wife recovered after 24 hours, but I was left with chronic abdominal pain, bloating and dizziness. 

Hi, I am George K. I was a fit and healthy 42 year old and suddenly my life changed until recently. I've suffered from IBS from 2016-2023. After countless of medical exams tests, recent diagnosis of SIBO, and loss of hope I finally managed to get rid of the unwanted symptoms that haunted my days and nights for many years. Desperation and a lot of research led me to create my own personal herbal protocol that finally got my life back in order. And now I want to help others do the same, by giving you a recipe of herbs that helped me get my life back together. 

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